BRTHR -pronounced "Brother"- is American/Japanese, Alex Lee (21) and Long Island bred, Kyle Wightman (22). They were both quiet thinkers as children, but came out of their shells just as Youtube was created… It was through that platform, Alex & Kyle would express their ridiculously strange ideas in the form of videos. That awkward phase ended around the time they hit puberty, but they both decided to venture in film after high school.

Alex set flight from Japan and Kyle moved 70 miles west to start studying in Manhattan. They quickly befriended each other, worked on projects, and left film school after two years to take on the "real world," so to speak.

Based off the success of Alex's viral film, "Tokyo Slo-Mode", a steady flow of commissioned work came about, and the two were then introduced to the idea of music videos. Evidently, this became their passion. 

Alex and Kyle determine to continuously push themselves as directors, post-production people, photographers and writers. As a result, the duo has been able to develop a prolific reel, and has quickly gained recognition for their epileptic, fast-paced videos with a bold graphic style.